Taman Pertanian Sultan Ahmad Shah, Kuantan.

Hello everyone,

I began my Permaculture Adventure (permieventure) at Taman Pertanian Sultan Ahmad Shah, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. The site is as big as 300 acres, and is on its way to gradually change into a permaculture based farm.



There, I joined an internship program under Salah Hammad who has been designated as the site manager for the project for the duration of 2016. He spent 3 years as farm manager at Zaytuna farm in Australia from 2012 until 2015, he has taught Permaculture Design Certificate Courses (PDCs) in Australia, Jordan, Italy and Egypt. In addition to his experience at Zaytuna farm he has also been a part of the renowned Greening the Desert site in Jordan. With experience in dry arid, temperate, and subtropical and tropical climates, covering both urban, rural and broad acre setups, Salah shared a lot of knowledge with me and all the other interns.


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