“Amiera, what are organic foods?” “Why are they called organic?”

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.

What is organic? It is basically the crops that are grown on a chemicals-free land, and also without using any chemicals fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic foods are high in nutrients and so full of benefits. Unfortunately, organic foods are easily rotten as it contains 0% of preservative which is used in other foods to make it stay in a good condition for a long period of time.

At TPSAS, all the foods that we ate are organics. Wait, no. Its permaculture, a way beyond organic, more than just agriculture.

You crave for some friuts? Sure, let’s go to the orchard.

You seem hungry. Let’s see what’s available at the kitchen garden and food forest to cook.

Too much crops? Harvest them and sell at the market.

Trust me my dears, I became healthier, tougher and stronger.


And here’s me, climbing a rambutan tree to get some rambutans to impress you, like a monkey, lol no, I’m a ninja warrior haha.


Are you thirsty mate? Here’s a coconut drink with a natural straw from papaya tree cause no chemicals are allowed here.


Freshly-picked aloe vera that contains infinite amount of benefits. It can act as a sunscreen from both outside and inside of a body, reduce the amount of sugar in blood for those who have diebetes, fight a war with the pimples that we have on our face and so much more!


Freshly picked from our kitchen garden for lunch


This was the day written in my life’s history. I found a triplet bananas. The mith from old folks is that, if you eat this kind of thing, when you get pregnant, you might get twins!


There’s more than a month’s stock of chicken. So if you’re hungry for chickens, we can slaughter them.

Let’s travel hundred years back where our ancestors lived without any machines and they lived with foods that they planted. They die, when their body is tired and had done its job.

Today, we die, not when our body is tired, but because of diseases and sickness such as diebetes and heart attacks. The cause of these diseases are non other than the food that we eat as they are induced with chemicals, sprayed with pesticides, add on preservatives so that they can grow faster, look shiny, and preserved longer. Indeed they look nice and shiny, but what matters more, is the nutrient content.

Due to all the chemicals added, most of the nutrients in our foods are replaced. And what’s left for us, a big fat vegetables and fruits that are so full of the things that could kill our body. Yet, still, not many of us is aware of it.

My dear readers, as a permaculturist, I stand by the quote that says “You are what you eat.” And to be healthy, do you really change from one chemical to the others?

Do you really love yourself?



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