TPSAS Internship

Hello everyone!

          As I said in the earlier post, I joined the internship program during my time at Taman Pertanian Sultan Ahmad Shah (TPSAS) for 2 weeks. It is one great experience for me as I gained so much knowledge! There are three (3) parts of TPSAS that we worked on; the market garden, the kitchen garden and the food forest.


While doing my internship, I’m staying at a lake house and this is the beautiful view right in front of my house.


This my daily morning routine; feeding my chickens and roosters. At TPSAS, there are 2 chicken tractor. One is for the chickens and the other one is for the roosters. They are put in a tractor because it will be easier to move them around the field so they can scratch and fertilize the soil with its manure.


This is a picture of me, and the other interns; Muhammad, Haniza and Anas. We are choosing baby bananas to transplant at another place.


Making the bed is not an easy task. To dig the soil, put on compost and mulch it as well as making the foot path, it needs someone with determination and commitment like us. Haha.


These are the beds at our market garden. There are 9 beds in total planted with loads of vegetables to see at the market.


Here’s a picture of Muhammad swimming in a pond to harvest kangkung air which is one of the plant that grows in water while we sit at the side watching him trying not to get wet. Hahaha.

 fln_8712          fln_8829

And every late afternoon, after all the works are done, while waiting for our dinner, badminton tournament is on between the interns and our beloved Salah (as usual, we always win and he always loses. LOL)


When its dawn, all of us head back to our houses, as for me, my lakehouse. Tired? Never. Fun? Always.

To all of you out there, I know, I know, you guys are interested in joining. Do contact me for more info.


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