Min House Camp

Hello guys. How are you? Good? Me too.

Here’s an entry about a place I had just visited.

Min House Camp is one small camp area of the size 1.6 acres that has so much activities to do. It is located in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. Kak Yah is the owner of this place. The name “Min” is taken from the name of Kak Yah’s special son Abdul Muhaimin.

The activities there include canoeing, fireflies watching, stingless bee farming and also Permaculture farming.


Meet Kak Yah, she’s 63 years old and this is her small scaled farm. While we were there, we got a chance to consult her place. As what we were told, the plants on this farm were planted by special children.


Next, I want you to  meet my permaculture partner. *drum roll* Let me introduce you to King Bee. As you can see, he’s sitting on a stingless bee throne, and those small cute houses are the stingless bee hives. Min House Camp is full of stingless bees. Sometimes you eat with them, take your bath with them, and you even sleep with them. No no no, you don’t have to worry, they don’t sting.


Inside the small houses contain this honey pots; where the bees store honey as well as their eggs! Most of the hives are man-made. Including the pots.

For more information about Min House Camp, you can google it as its all over Google.


One thought on “Min House Camp

  1. Salam Ameera,semoga terus berjaya di bidang tepat terpilih untuk dunia dan akhirat terutama nya untuk menyelamatkan bumi ciptaan NYA yang indah ini.
    Terima kasih dari Famili Min House Camp di atas pandangan Ameera semoga suatu hari nanti Ameera datang lagi.


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