Kg Wakaf Aik

Peace upon everyone,

My permieventure continues with my journey to a small village in Kelantan called Kg Wakaf Aik. There, I met Kak Salwati, the owner of few paddy fields.

It’s one tough job I got there, as I it was my first time facing a paddy field. Kak Ti owns two paddy field plot; one is ready to harvest, another one is ready to plant.


Meet the permaculture based paddy field that is ready to harvest.


And this is the paddy field plot that is ready to plant the baby paddies.


This is a kubota machine. It has lots of functions. And that’s me, learning how to drive it.


My experience in Kg Wakaf Aik includes entering a goat pen and petting a baby goat! And later after that, my whole body smells as if I’m the goat. Haha.


The paddy is finally ready to harvest. Look at how yellow it is.


Do you know what’s in my mind? I just can’t wait to turn them all into rice. I’m starving. Trust me babes, staying in front of your laptop do make you hungry. Haha.

If any of you have any questions on Kak Salwati’s place, do contact me on the contact page.


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