University of Science Malaysia (USM)

And we meet again. Hello everyone.

Last week, I received this one news saying that “Amiera, you are invited by Prof Hakimi to come over to USM for a talk.” And I was so shocked that it made me feel “Nooo… I had just done my PDC and I need more experience to actually give a talk.”

But it seemed like Allah has much bigger plans for me. And so I came all the way to The Pearl Of The Orient accompanied by my mom who was really excited to watch her daughter’s first talk.

There, we stayed at the guest house. I can’t explain how grand their guest house was as it quite similar to a 5 star hotel! Yes I’m not joking. Or maybe its just me, a girl who has been living in the jungle. Hahaha.


I was lucky to be a part of their program on Landfill and Ecology.

I learned how to classify water quality, observe an ecology and so much more!


Here’s one of your Permaculture Queen experimenting a lake to see how many dissolved oxygen available.

Dear readers, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is very important, as it indicates whether the water quality is high or low. For water with plenty of DO, we can use it for recreation, swimming as well as drinking. And as for the water that contains less amount of DO, it is very dangerous, full of toxins and even fish could not live in it. But, until we check the water quality using the right tools, we can never tell whether the water is clean or dirty.


This was the night of the sharing session where I gave a talk on my experiences in permaculture.


Here’s one with one of the audience. Sakiinah, the daughter of the professer that invited me.


Yeay I’ve got my certificate. Indeed it was a great experience for me.


I found out that there are many kangkung in this area. It is said that although the water here has less DO, but the nutrients quantity is quite high for this plant to grow.

There in the picture, is a mountain full of rubbish. This made me realise how important it is for us to recycle to save our mother earth. I can never imagine it if it was my house that is full of those rubbish.

With this, may all of us have the awareness to recycle! InsyaAllah.


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