First Murujan Tour

Hello guys!

Many thanks to God that our first Murujan Tour was a success!

We shared loads of knowledge, learned from each other, and the most important part is that we had so much fun together!

Here’s one of me helping a participant planting a support species plant called pegion pea.



I was explaining about the reason we need to plant support species even though they don’t have market value.

Support species are very significant as they provide certain nutrients to help with the soil fertility. Some support species are nitrogen fixers, some are phosphorus accumulator.

Group photo!!
Tram tour around this beautiful 300 acres site.
Compost pile


Market Garden

Malaysia is a tropical country. Plants grow amazingly fast in this climate, as well as the weeds. More men power is needed to help us beautify this place.


We had a chance to visit a wonderful aquaponics place called Kebun Kota. 

Picnic at Kebun Kota
A group photo again at a massive banana circle.

Banana circle is a very important part in Permaculture. The main function of a banana circle is to trap water and nutrients, as well as a compost place.

A compost that has banana leaves or peels, are very high in potassium (K). 

Here’s one where Dato’ Mukhlis, the owner of Kebun Kota, explaining this small scale of aquaponics project.
Tadaaaa, that’s it to share with you readers!

I’m sorry guys, I really can’t tell you more, its private and confidential. If you want to know more, join the next tour! See you!!


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