20160919_073339Chickens plays a significant role in farms. Back in TPSAS, chickens live in a moving chicken tractor.

Every morning they were released in the farm and when it’s evening time, they will climb up the tractor. Inside the tractor, we have a few labour rooms for the chicken to lay eggs,



we have stairs for them to climb higher (its the nature of chickens to climb to higher ground during night time) and few steps of stairs for them so stand in their social hierarchy.


We move the chicken tractor once in two weeks. Their job is to scratch the ground and fertile it by using their manure (natural fertilizer). We move the chicken tractor because chickens cannot stay for long at a certain spot as they will turn the ground muddy.


When we move the chicken tractor to other places, we also change the mulch inside the tractor. Why? Because believe it or not, chickens are like humans too, they want clean “bed sheet”.

The old mulch from two weeks earlier are now ready to be used as compost as it is full with manures.



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