Kebun Kota


Let me tell you a lil bit of history about this place. It is owned by Dato Chua’s family. A long time ago, this place was a QUARRY!! You can tell by the rock walls. Then, development of residential areas started to begin and the quarry was forced to stop operating. Being neglected for years, turned this place into a dumping area.

Miracle started to happen about 8 years ago when the first son of Dato Mukhlis Chua, Arif, started an aquaponic experiment. And from there, it started growing. From just family’s weekend activity, this place now is open to public for educational purposes. It took them 8 years to build up this place. Who would have thought, an ugly neglected quarry-dumping place could turn into such beauty.


Everything here grows on gravel ground and water. There is no soil at all.

How aquaponic works?
Basically, aquaponic is an endless cycle. Water from fish tanks are high in nutrients for plants to grow as there are fishes’ manure. This water is flushed onto the gravel ground. By doing so, the plants will filter the water as well as provide oxygen. Then, the water will flow back to the fish tank. That is the basic concept of aquaponic.

From that basic basic concept, they started to do it on a large scale within the 13 acres of the land.

To save money for fish foods, they even grow their own duckweed which is used as fish food. It is a fast growing nitrogen fixer and the fish loves them.

Not just that, Kebun Kota also uses Solar Power as one of their electric source!! How cool is that?

The experience I had from my several trips to Kebun Kota, was always amazing. There would be ripe passion fruit all the time for me to eat. And I always love the friendly treatment from them.

So guys, #wattif this is a lead for us? That even on the worst ground on Earth, there could be life. #Wattif we can create something even more spectacular together? Like the ongoing project of #EXPO2017 Astana Kazakhstan. Everything will turn out great.

Let’s work together hand in hand to help our mother Earth to have a better place for us to live in, in the future.

#greengrowth #mybutterflyeffect#expo2017malaysia #mybutterflyeffect




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