Permaculture Design Certificate Course

“Permaculture, design your way towards abundance”

On October 1st, I joined the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course with a diversity of 28 participants from all over the world.

The two weeks course was one of the best experience in my life. On the first day of the course, we had an ice-breaking session, and Salah introduced me as his “favourite intern” as he was also my instructor during the course. He has passed on loads of knowledge to me, and I on the other hand, learned so much from him.


 One of the best moments was when I had a short session to teach during the course and it was surprising to me, because that was my first course! We went through every single topic thoroughly, from ethics to aquaponics. I believe all of the participants had so much fun as we all worked together for the hands-on activity. The activities during the course varies, we did so much including theoretical learning, rain forest observation, planting plants as well as making composts.


Indeed, this is a very memorable photo of us participants working together transplanting some plants to make a new food forest.


Trust me I’m a strong girl. One of limited edition. *taking my own credits* haha


As I said earlier, Salah had passed on so much knowledge to us. Including how to find contour on land using both traditonal and modern ways.


Making a compost is not an easy task! You will need a flat ground, a massive amount of manures, nitrogens, carbons, and so much more.

*One secret; humans’ manures are the best compost! Unfortunately, its illegal to use it in Malaysia.


When he said I was his favourite intern, I honestly thought that he was joking lol. But he was not, I was really his favourite intern!


And it’s a wrap of our course. Just a quick reminder from Salah;

“Never go to a course without a party in the end!”

We did have our party, but I just thought that its not appropriate to show you guys what happened cause it was really havoc, to know how it goes, join the next PDC and experience it yourself.


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